...its a beautiful word for a beautiful process

mass produced furniture will never look as good as the day you brought it home and cut off the plastic. the fabric will grow dull, the arms will sag.. over a year or two it will look increasingly scruffy and embarrassing until you give in, throw it out and buy a new one...

but quality pieces don't do that... instead they develop patina. thats the name for the subtle glow of well-loved wood, and the soft comfortableness of fabric that's lived with a busy family. that's the reason beautiful chairs stay beautiful

cheap materials shred and fade. quality just gets more beautiful over time


you just want something different...

you've browsed through all of the big furniture stores and all you ended up with is sore feet and disappointment

there is nothing that looks like YOU...

you might need a chair that nestles within the room you've already designed... or one that's wide enough for end-of-day book reading snuggles

maybe you just want to have a chair that's not deadly boring


even quality needs a bit of attention

maybe your piece has been out in the back shed for a decade...

or its been the kids (and grandkids') favourite jumping castle and has been loved near to death.... maybe its been in your husbands family for generations.... it might have been your granddad's veranda smoking chair, or something you found at the tip

but although its possibly broken-down, smelly and it wobbles when you sit on it, you wonder: can it be made absolutely gorgeous again?

is it worth it? can it be fixed?


old like new... new like old... both amazing

We can design and build from scratch chair that belongs in the 1950's... or the 1850's...
Graham and Staff are here to help you source, create or restore that old broken piece of furniture to a beautiful piece...
have a browse through our website, get to know us and the amazing work we do..

...utterly gorgeous chairs...

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