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how we can rock your chair
each individual piece deserves its own attention.

is it destined for your home, your office, your commercial space?

would you like sleek.. understated.. retro..  vibrant.. colourful.. mix n match....   in fabric, vinyl, leather, recycled materials?


by listening to our clients needs and translating that into handcrafted restored chairs and lounges suites, we can create  handbuilt, quality furniture that looks utterly gorgeous on the day you bring it home. 
a month after - it looks just as good as the first day.
six months later - it's sitting more comfortably in its surroundings.
many years after that, the piece has the patina glow of well-loved furniture. And you think, "I think this actually looks better than the day we got it."

you may have been searching for a chair that you are going to love forever.. that fits in your corner of the world.  if you have been looking and looking for your special piece, you know its not easy to find unique, beautiful, handcrafted and individual furniture. 
How hard should it be to find a chair that pulls at your heart strings?  that says:

I am the colour you want, i have the beautiful lines you will love forever, my timber glows with the patina of time, i am well made and strong, i will complement your style..... i will make your lifestyle even more comfy, groovy, loving and wonderful...

Take me home

we are here to help you create find or restore that old broken piece of furniture to a gorgeous beauty that will enhance your life like a friend, it  will never argue with you, but share the good times, love and laughter and of course your undeniably fantastic style  
                                            see custom lounge suite for Aiyana retreat -

if you want furniture that belongs in your home instead of just visiting it for awhile, come visit our workshop. You can watch Graham use traditional and modern craftsman techniques as he builds and rejuvenates gorgeous chairs and lounges, and talk with him about the incredible range of touchable textiles.  Take home sample books that are full of drop-dead gorgeous, must -have fabrics and photos that show case them beautifully. 

we can bring your loved-to-death chairs back to glowing health, or create new and retro pieces that enhance your office and home.

before & after;


because you deserve beauty that lasts

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